Is Ignorance the New Social Norms?

Monday, June 13, 2016

We remembers and supports the victims and families of the Orlando tragedy, we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. #‎WeAreOrlando #‎OrlandoUnited
I met a born and raised New Yorker last night who doesn't know who Bernie Sanders is, after a few mins chatting up I realize she's not aware of anything that is taking place around the globe (forget about the frozen tiger cubs in Thailand or the Syrian refugee dilemma in Europe) and she has no intention of knowing any of it but she is superstitious and believe all the nonsense she heard from the radio and internet. And here I thought of a word - Ignorance.

Ignorance is defined by Meriam-Webster Dictionary as "destitute of knowledge or training". Applying this definition we assume that the quantity of knowledge in the universe is universal, but there's rising social norms is referred as The Ignorant Gap. (social norms were one of my favorite terminology to utilize throughout my psychology classes.)

Accounting for the increasing number of educated people due to social norms being changed worldwide, it is safe to presume that people are actually being less ignorant. On top of the amount of resources (I have often referred it as noises) we possess nowadays, from the internet, books, travel, summits, conferences to know more and more about everything, but the amount of people who take this advantage and actually learn is still not good enough.

The popular definition of ignorant is related to social stigma, where people are disagreeing with the opinions of the popular social culture, and those who use the internet for games, comedy, and useless garbage... Knowledge and the ability to empower our personal growth is out there, but some people expand their knowledge while others chose to stay dormant to the knowledge around them.

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