Give Your Home a Makeover with Art Deco Ceiling Light Fixtures

Monday, June 27, 2016

Art Deco style evolved in between the 1920’s and 1930’s due to the great depression that came over the world in the years separating the two World Wars. The style is luxurious and lavish and provided the much needed escape from the real world problems that everyone was facing. 
  • The art Deco style is a complete revelation if compared to the art nouveau style that took center place during the late 1800s. Although these have a historical value and background, it is also true that they can also be used as part of contemporary home decor.
  • The modern architecture digests suggested that the art Deco style comprised of sleek exteriors with clear cut and highly defined structures that towered over other dwellings. The types of lighting that you find in art décor lighting, architecture and fixtures can also be used in your official segments, and you can also choose these lights while you renovate your home.
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  • It not only spread to different countries during the twenty years between the 20’s and 40’s but the world is still reeling from the hangover of the last great architectural movement. The interior designs of these buildings also matched their exteriors as they were opulently decorated with rich materials. 
Ways in which you can incorporate Art Deco ceiling lights:

  • If one is asked which is the most important factor in art Deco lighting there will be many who will point to the mood factor. Layered lighting takes the place of other light fixtures which scream jazzy and bright. There might be different kinds of light fixtures for different areas like the living room, dining room and the bedroom. For example, there might be hidden art Deco ceiling lights in the bedrooms as anything too bright can disturb a good night’s sleep.
  • Art Deco will not approve of anything too flashy, but it will definitely approve of subtle glamour. This is because art Deco style houses have lighting which is very evocative and fashionable, but it will not be something which will take center stage and lessen the focus on other fixtures. Art Deco ceiling lights are the best ways to decorate your ceiling and the rest of your home, as these lights get reflected to a wider distance, making it easier to keep your room luminous for a long time, and also helps you not to use any additional lights on all the corners of your room. 
  • The signature style of Art Deco design is the fact that it lays great emphasis on geometric shapes. The industrial revolution can be well viewed through the glass of Art Deco style as Europe was flooded with industrial produces which can be clearly demarcated ads being geometric. This is one of the most distinguishing factors of Art Deco ceiling lights. They are arranged in geometric patterns. The sun motif is also a very popular Art Deco shape.
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  • Art Deco has a kind of reflective quality in it. When designers go for Art Deco lighting they generally go in for sleek surfaces which will reflect the strategically placed lights and bounce the reflections. There should be mirrors placed at strategic angles, and Art Deco ceiling lights should make the whole effect aesthetic. 
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Lastly, it should be remembered that the aesthetic style of Art Deco lighting is greatly different from other lighting schemes like the traditional Victorian chandeliers or the art nouveau style. For example, if you want to install traditional lamps in your bedroom or mount them on walls, then you can install sparkling lights which will not only provide a good lighting source but also diffuse the light making it aesthetically appealing.
If you have any questions or want to know more about home decor with these different types of Art Deco ceiling lights, then visit our website to get additional information from our experts.

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