9 Ideas for Choosing Furniture for a Small Deck

Monday, June 20, 2016

If you plan to brighten your small deck with furniture, then you have to be careful to choose furniture that not only fits your budget, but also makes sense for you and your family. Mentioned below are a few ideas for choosing furniture for a small deck:

  1. Understand your needs: The first point to consider over here is the reason you need this furniture. Do you host a lot of parties or are you looking for a place to relax? If you plan to host parties there, then look for a small set of table and chairs. Don’t go for more than four chairs. If you plan to relax and sip a glass of Mojito on your deck, you can go for a deck swing. 
  2. What’s your budget? Now that you know what you want, you have to consider your budget. You will be surprised to know that a huge range of deck furniture is available on the market on a small budget. Aluminum furniture costs less than wicker furniture. It is lightweight and has less maintenance. 
  3. Choose foldable furniture: Foldable furniture has its advantages. When not in use you can simply fold it and store it in your garage. This is great for places where it snows during winters. 
  4. Arrange your furniture effectively: If you have a space crunch, you have to arrange furniture in a way that allows plenty of walking room. The best way to do this is by arranging the furniture around the perimeter. This way you have enough room in the middle of the deck. So when you have parties, your guests will have more standing. 
  5. Use large pillows: Why not use large pillows as seating arrangement? Not only are these cozy, but the large cushions also create a warmer space for the guests. Plus they are very easy to rearrange and maintain. 
  6. Is your deck narrow? Small apartments may have narrow decks. And placing furniture on these can be quite tricky. But you can make the most of it by buying narrow couches, which can be placed along the periphery. This will give you plenty of room to walk around as well as giving it a cozy feeling. 
  7. Do you have a spectacular view from the deck? If that is the case you must buy bar height chairs and tables to make the most out of the view. High deck railings can easily bar a lovely view if you choose traditional deck furniture. However, the high bar chairs and tables can easily overcome that problem. 
  8. Do you live in a windy area? Strong winds are a potential problem for aluminum or plastic furniture, as they are easily displaced by a strong wind. In such cases you should buy heavier cast iron furniture or wooden furniture. Also it is better not to invest in glass tabletops for a deck where sudden gusts of wind are regular, as strong winds will tip the glass easily. If your heart is set on a glass tabletop, ensure that the glass is fastened to the base. 
  9. Consider the size: Imagine a small deck with large pieces of furniture. It looks crowded. Consider the size of the furniture when you are comparing different furniture styles. 
If you take time and consider the points mentioned above to choose furniture for a small deck, the process of choosing it will be pleasant. In the end you will have furniture that will make your deck an inviting place to enjoy a variety of happenings. 

Author Bio:
John Clax is a seasoned freelance content writer and blogger. When he is not playing golf, he is writing for his blog thebasicwoodworking.com. JC has been writing for over ten years now! 

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