The 1800+ Miles Journey - NYC to Austin TX

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New York City - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Maryland - West Virginia - Virginia - Tennessee - Alabama - New Orleans - Austin, Texas.

Someone once said: "Driving is the best feeling in the world, you packed your stuff and go, leaving all the baggage behind" - A.K.

And I say road trip is like soul searching, in a less comfortable way but yet, truly intriguing.

We drove over 1800 miles in the course of three days, stranded in the middle of nowhere in the winter cold Maryland; stopped in a country bar and met a 70+ years old go-go dancer with countless man stories to share yet she quoted: "Young lady, never stop dancing...".

There's more, M's airport joke; A's impersonation of Alabama's accent; the road kill bingo; a Wal-Mart picked up line in Virginia started with "Oh my beautiful lady, are you married? oh no, taken or seeing someone? Oh gosh, single?"

Saw the one of the most beautiful sunset in Tennessee and sunrise in West Virginia; experienced a complete dark country road and abandoned gas stations in Louisiana; car dog searched on Craiglist although it was a failure; cowboy hats in Kangaroo gas stations and the recurring short dreams about the annoying host from TX Fox radio station; endless open field in Texas .. and more ..

Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Sometime in life when we're traveling, it’s the people we meet that make travel the rich, vibrant experience that it is. They shape our memories more than the locations themselves. They can make a bad place good, or a great place bad. They shine lights on our ignorance and teach us about ourselves. We inspire each other so much in many levels!

"I met this wonderful couple who loved my origami bird. High school sweetheart and going strong for 38 years in marriage." 
We meet many people crossed path in our daily life, perhaps if we slow down our footstep and listen to other stories, we gain something new! Everyday is an adventure, regardless what we do or where we are as long as we keep our option open and believe in possibilities. Never stop dreaming.

"Country road in Louisiana"
"Somewhere in Alabama"
"Be a cowgirl!"
"No caption needed."

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  1. It was awesome meeting you. Sorry to have scared you while you were checking out of the hotel. We look forward to having you stay with us again the next time your in Austin. Keep it up girl. Your truly awesome!!!! John @ the Rodeway Inn

  2. Aww John. I got scared easily so it wasn't your fault and hey, you are the greatest! I'm glad to meet you!

    " It's the people you meet that make travel the rich"


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