DDB Market Week - Robert Allen Beacon Hill Celebrate 75 Years Anniversary

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Where - Decoration & Design Building, When - October 1st (Tuesday), Why - Party time!

For over 70 years, The Robert Allen Group has been the source for the world’s finest fabrics, long recognized as the vanguard of innovation. 2 days ago Robert Allen Beacon Hill in DDB celebrated their past, present and future as Robert Allen marks their 75th anniversary! The showroom was packed with designers, bloggers, photographer and media experts. It was a great event and thumbs up to the fortune teller and fabric photo booth! Love the idea and the creativity !

Robert Allen Showroom reception - Yummy food and champagne .. and my clutch!
Blogger | Interior Designer Tina Ramchandini and Sarah Sarna

Love this bed from Robert Allen!
Colorful Display

Food, Drinks and more ...
Fortune teller and Designer Carrie Leskowitz
Big smiles! This is what I love about Rober Allen Showroom (well, aside from the gorgeous furniture and colorful fabrics :P )

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