DDB Market Week - NIEDERMAIER Men at Work Event

Friday, October 11, 2013

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ, plus a group of handsome artisan, what could possibly go wrong ? Well, is nothing! On October 1st, 2013 NIEDERMAIER showroom from Decoration & Design Building hosted their first "Men at Work" Event in their modern showroom. The panel discussion was led by NBC LXTV Host - George Oplihant with a group of talented artisan Denis Colluro, Seamus Fairtlough, Travis James and John Eric Byers. The men told us about the stories on how they get started in the American Handmade Furniture Business and the process to complete a project. John Eric Byers said: " I used to stayed up 3 nights in a row to complete a single artwork." Inspiring, isn't it?

It was a great party  to meet all the designer experts and I was glad to be a part of it. Nothing is more inspiring than to hearing a successful person talk about his/her own journey to success. Nevertheless, most importantly they all cause us to look at who we are, and what we are doing for others and ourselves. Just like Henry Ford once said: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!"

 To learned more about the panelist, please contact NIEDERMAIER showroom for their latest American Handmade Furniture. Stay Local, Shop Local !
"Men at Work" in action .. Panelist and Artisan Denis Collura from Collura & CO
NBC TV Host George Oliphant and Furniture Designer Rio Hamilton
Audience is lining up for the event, including Andrew Joseph.
Room full of design enthusiast, designer, TV personality, PR giant and bloggers
From left: Niccolo Del Buffa and Architectural Photographer Peter Kubilus
"Beer | Bourbon | BBQ"
LXTV / NBC Segment Producer - Kristin Kropp and Blog Ambassador - (Me) Jessica Sophia Wong :)
From right: Interior Designer / Blogger Carl Lana and  Interior Designer John Willey
Goodies from Blue Smoke NYC
From left: Sherri Skov (CL Sterling), Helena Oberman (Interior Design Magazine) and Designer Travis James from May Furniture & Co
From left: Friend, Eric Chang, friend and Hiro
Some serious whiskey talk is happening during men at Work event.
From left: Artist - Sylvie Michel Bilger, Denis Collura and Rio Hamilton
From left: Ramon Woo, Blog Ambassador - Patrick Hamilton and friend.
NBC LXTV George to the Rescue Team
Me and George Oliphant
Full House
Interior Designer Ally Coulter and friend.
Friend, Ally Coulter and Rio Hamilton
Fun time of the night With Luis and Brendan Caramente of NIEDERMAIER
Great shoot! Serious talk between photographer Peter and designer Rio
Our Honor Panelist from left: George Oliphant, John Eric Byers, Denis Collura, Seamus and James
Handsome men with their cocktails from left: Friend, Joseph Aldrich, Andrew Joseph, Travis Abbott and friend.
Beer from Brooklyn Brewery
Artisan John Eric Byers Quote : "I don't like taking picture, but you take one with my side face" Love this talented man!

A selfie to end the post! Thank you NIEDERMAIER for throwing such a great party !

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  1. Too bad I missed it! Great looking group of men!


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