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Monday, July 08, 2013

Is it still possible to really get away from it all? Can we successfully park the stress and head off to a magical, spa escape? Sounds like a fantasy, but happily, it is still very much a reality. Out in the world there exists the perfect calm oasis where the physical and spiritual well-being of guests is nurtured to the maximum. We can drop in to our local spa when a little light rejuvenation is required, but what about when we are in need of a serious, major battery re-charge? That is when the benefits of physically separating ourselves from our regular welltrodden paths are really felt.

So how far can we go? Let's see what kind of mileage we can place between home and a healthy haven. How about Australia for starters?


Intrepid spa-searchers will find just rewards on the edge of the Australian Rainforest in the state of Queensland. Overlooking the spectacular Canungra Valley, guests are welcomed at The Lost World Spa, a secluded mountain top retreat offering a range of relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty treatments in breathtaking surroundings. The perfect place for hiding out and letting the positive energies of the natural world re-awaken life's joys.


If the schedule is too tight to accommodate a trip to Australia, head for Hawaii instead. The Kahala Hotel and Resort in Honolulu provides luxury accommodation and world-class tropical spa treatments. Enjoy a laid-back beachfront break and let the spa treats work their magic. Choose from the traditional lomi lomi massage, deep soak tubs overlooking serene gardens and a whole host of beauty and well-being therapies designed to lift body and soul. Sound tempting? Get there quickly with United Airlines and reserve a place in one of The Kahala Spa's ten luxuriously appointed, private treatment suites.


Those in need of a more spiritual adventure should book in to the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas near Rishikesh in northern India. For yoga, meditation and Ayurverdic therapies this is the place to go. Mind and body are nourished equally at this secluded, quiet spot by the River Ganges. An up-scale spa in a mystical white palace with manicured gardens, it is famous for returning people home with a blissful smile and enviable energy levels.


Swap the daily commute for horse riding in the outback of Patagonia in Chile. Stay at The Singular at Puerto Natales, overlooking the snow capped Andes. The Wellness Spa at this chic design hotel provides massages, intense or relaxing immersion soaks, mineral therapy, acupuncture and more. If it is seclusion with a side order of style and indulgence that's required, look no further than The Singular.


Finally, why not bury the mobile phone in the trash and head for Portugal? In the hills of the Algarve region Moinhos Velhos awaits. Located remotely amid stunning scenery, this spa with New Age leanings offers the perfect place to relax, unwind and detox. With clinical treatments and well-being programs, this rustic retreat in the middle of nowhere offers peace and serenity to guests that want to simply zone out and let the well refill.

Do not delay. Slip the chains of the humdrum, daily grind and go in search of peace, serenity and a healthy glow at one these secluded, superstar spas...

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