Los Angeles - A City Full of Glamour

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Los Angeles is one of the best destinations in the United States. You will discover that the city has much more to reveal than the swarm of paparazzi and celebrities that we hear from this part of the world. Being the second largest city in the US, the city has a lot to offer to the tourists such as a host of outdoor activities.

Think of Los Angeles and you have immediate visions of movie stars, celebrities and extravagance. The atmosphere is electric and reflects in the number of tourists visiting this city from all over the world. Everybody who loves movies and a carnival atmosphere will love spending time in this city.

There is a plethora of tourist attractions that beckon families and single travelers alike.


Disneyland – the family favorite

This is an attraction that is a must visit. The legend of Walt Disney and the fantastic concept of a theme park in all its glory have to be experienced to appreciate it. It indeed is the most complete amusement park and over the years has added to its already imposing stature through many innovative ideas.

Many of the themed lands like the Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Adventureland act like a true dreamland for its visitors. The fireworks show, which has been taking place in the Disneyland, is another major spectacle you cannot afford to miss.

The grandeur of Universal Studios

This is another tourist attraction that seems to be growing in popularity with each passing year, thanks to its thrilling rides and atmosphere that is full of gaiety. If you thought you had seen it all at Disneyland, you are in for a surprise. Movie buffs will love the set that has been erected featuring some of the movie scenes. The overall feel that you get from these movie sets is something that cannot be described in words. Many movies inspired rides like the Simpsons Ride and the Revenge of Mummy continue to get hordes of tourists wanting to experience them.

The City Walk

This section with its restaurants and shops enables you to get a taste of local flavors and buy souvenirs you can proudly display once you are back. You can also drive down to Hollywood where popular attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Wax Museum, Dolby Theater and many others beckon you.

As you use the “Walk of Fame”, you get to see a Terrazzo of all your favorite actors, directors and popular radio as well as TV artistes. All superstars went to New Look for summer dresses and wear it when they are in Walk of Fame.

Exposition Park

Free attractions in any city are welcome getaway zones. The Exposition Park is one such park where you can get to see the Rose Garden, the Memorial Coliseum and the California Science Center amongst others. Kids especially will love the Science Center and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to help inculcate in them the scientific bent of mind. The many hands on exhibits make the entire experience a very interesting one where they are able to learn novel things even when having fun. This is the best way in which you can motivate kids to learn new stuff.

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