Decorating a Vintage Bedroom for a Child

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vintage decor is a timeless and classic option, which adds elegance to any home.  The interest and appeal in all things vintage, whether its collectables, furniture or wall décor is defined by their timeless excellence and intriguing nature.  Therefore it’s little wonder that people still love to decorate their home with vintage items; and the bedroom is no exception.  Creating a vintage themed room is a beautiful and creative idea, which is not impossible to achieve.

Here are a few ways to create a vintage room for your child.

Older Toys
Whether your child is younger, or older, vintage toys are a must have accessory for your child’s bedroom. Children are intrigued to learn about their parents past, so if you have any toys from your own childhood, share them with your child. If your toys are precious, and you’d prefer to keep them in a pristine condition, consider displaying them in shadow boxes. Alternatively, try searching flea markets or online auctions for deals on collectables and one off vintage treasures.

Safety regulations are higher today, meaning older toys may carry some risk. If this is a concern, consider picking up some wooden toys instead. Wooden toys, such as a rocking horse are likely to pass for vintage, even if they aren’t.

Vintage Prints
Vintage Prints are usually an inexpensive option for creating a themed bedroom. Displaying old books or framing pages can create a vintage feel. Old character posters or black and white photos, can all give a visual appeal for a child’s bedroom.

Vintage Plates
Vintage Plates are also an inexpensive option, and can be purchased in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Children’s plates can be hung with other pieces of wall art, such as picture frames and mirrors to create a beautiful montage display. Consider using retro style decals such as polka dots, or personalize a child’s name in a Calligraphic font. Working with plates and other pieces of Wall art can really pull the vintage theme together.

You don’t need to buy special  furniture from expensive Antique places to acquire the look you want.  Instead, find solid pieces with good bones which can be worked on. Usually, you can find an old bed or dresser at flea markets or a car boot sale. Play with the vintage and modern by adding a fresh coat of paint, and accessorize with canopy curtains and classic bed throws and handmade cushions. The traditional vintage fabrics will really play on the vintage theme, and make the perfect addition to any child’s bed.  

Classic Board Games
Classic games such as Checkers, Monopoly and Candyland are an additional fun element for a child’s bedroom. They can make beautiful pieces when framed on the wall. Alternatively, display them for extra decoration and pull them down when you want to play with them.
Creating a vintage room for a child may seem like a chore, but with some careful planning and cost-effective methods, you can create the perfect room your child with treasure.

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