Bold and Bright Interior Designs for the Home

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It is time to conquer the fear of color. Bold and bright accents can be brought into the interior design theme of the home to give it a fresh and modern look; however, many people shudder at the thought of including a bold, bright color or pattern in their design for fear of being too tacky. While it is fine to decorate with a muted color palette, a pop of color can be just the thing to lift a room; don’t be afraid to go bold. Here are some great ways to incorporate bolder, brighter colors into a home’s decorating scheme without going over the top.

Start Small

Getting over a fear of color can be a difficult hurdle, and sometimes baby steps are required.  Why not try starting in the smallest room in the home?  This will not be a huge commitment, and the time and money spent will be minimal.  The powder room is a great place to start, or perhaps the breakfast nook in the kitchen.  Choose a bright sunny yellow or a bright blue geometric pattern and see how it goes.  If the pattern works and isn’t too daunting, feel free to move on to a larger space.

Brighten Up the Walls

The color of the walls is usually one of the first things people notice when they enter a home, and this detail usually sticks with them – even more so than the furniture.  The quickest and often the easiest way to make a style statement with color is on the walls. A bold wall color can give a boost to the home’s interior mood. When considering a bright wall paint or wallpaper, consider the mood that it will undoubtedly elicit.  Greens usually soothe people, while yellows energize them.  Consider the reactions the colors may evoke, and choose accordingly.  It may be best to avoid particularly energizing colors in the bedroom, for example, and opt for something bold yet still relaxing.

Incorporating Colors in Other Ways

Bright, colorful walls are not the only way to give a room a much-needed pop of color; not everybody wants the commitment of bold wallpaper or to spend time painting the walls. It is easy to inject bold colors into the design scheme through the use of furniture, lighting and artwork. In a room with white walls, for example, consider a bright red couch, or a neutral couch with bright red accent pillows. Though most people don’t realize it, window treatments are also a great way to make a statement.  Instead of hanging window treatments in neutrals to serve as a backdrop for the bolder pieces in the room, why not consider vibrant colors for drapes, shutters and blinds?  In this way, the bold colors almost frame the room, without overtaking it.

There are also plenty of discount shutters available, which can easily be changed. For those uncomfortable with the idea of introducing bright colors into the decor, using accent furniture and other accessories is the safe way to go.  It is perfectly acceptable to keep the neutrals on the walls and furniture, but sticks a bright blue lamp in the corner for a fresh burst of color or hang large, bright paintings on the walls as an interesting focal point.

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  2. Good tips! I agree that right selection of color for walls is a great matter of concern for lay man's who don't have any idea on which color will be suitable to what area of the house. In my opinion, instead of juggling with this, it is better to take the advice of an expert interior decorator.

  3. Yes I am agree with your all advices about bedroom design ideas and use of colour because i know colour have great impact in any idea...


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