Top 7 Special Places Every Tourist Should See in Las Vegas

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Everyone knows Las Vegas, one of the busiest places in the United States where there is always plenty of action, 24 hours a day. While many think this place solely offers casinos and clubs for those over 21 (and of course, there is a ton of those types of venues), Las Vegas also offers a ton of other fun things for children and adults. Not only are there fun and exciting tourist attractions to check out, but plenty of entertaining venues that are to bring your trip to life. Check out some of these tourist attractions and you’ll be sure to find a thing to do in Las Vegas that you love.

Dig This

This crazy place is a humungous sandbox where you have the ability to drive excavators and bulldozers. This place is great for adults, especially males, who always dreamed of operating one of these huge pieces of machinery.

World Class Driving

Whether you want to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari, you can bring your dreams to life at World Class Driving. Race around this track or take a beautiful scenic tour, seeing some of the most amazing and attractive locations in Las Vegas including Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

Battlefield Las Vegas

This particular location is perfect for history lovers. This amazing place has machine guns from around the world, including some from World War II and other wars. They also have a few older helicopters for viewing, too.

Las Vegas: Bellagio Fountains

With a combination of gorgeous fountains on the outside and seasonal floral designs on the inside, the Bellagio Fountains is a must-see landmark of Las Vegas. Enjoy a timed fountain show that plays to music. It’s sure to wow your eyes!

Armando Vera "VIP Up-Close Magic Experience"

Have you ever wondered how magicians do it? Do you want to be up close and in front of the action, so you can even touch it? Well now you can with this outstanding show for the whole family.

Chapel of the Flowers

If your trip to Las Vegas involves a wedding, then you may consider checking out Chapel of the Flowers. Even if you aren’t getting married, you are sure to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous venue.

Wynn Las Vegas

You will undoubtedly need a place to stay on your trip to Las Vegas. So why not stay at a place that is as scenically gorgeous as it is comfortable? At the Wynn Las Vegas, you can enjoy an artistic display- whether you stay overnight or not. However, if you do decide to stay in the Wynn Las Vegas, you may want to use the special deals to save money.

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