Slogging it out with Sennheiser Adidas Originals Headphones

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Working out and music is like a lethal combination and can give you a kick that is greater than sex. It’s raw, full of passion and has a holistic approach to it. It is like an elixir for life and wonderful to start the day with. I think this duo has grown on me with time and going to the gym, lifting those curl bars and sweating it out for at least a couple of hours with music stuffed in my ears is no less than an addiction now. Life without it is like mutton curry without a pinch of salt and cupcakes sans cream for me.

Many mistakes this passion of mine for obsession but coming back to gym and music, all my gym equipments and music accessories have to be nothing but the best. Just like my Sennheiser Adidas Originals headphones. Me being me and the fussy buyer that I am, I consider these headphones to be a real good investment. Ergonomically designed, resistant to water rain, passive to sweat, armed with Dupont Kevlar reinforced cable and optimized for MiCoach, MP3, CD players and AV systems installed in gyms! And it does not end here. High output drivers for superior sound along with integrated remote and microphone for better usability do the rest. I mean what else can you ask for? For me, it’s not just a striking piece of technology. It’s a medley of the right amount of features and attitude.

I have been so thoroughly impressed by them since the day I bought them and have recommended to so many that many believe I get a commission from the company for doing their publicity. (I seriously think the company should offer me a life long supply of Sennheiser headphones and headsets for increasing their sales free of cost!)

Earlier I used to have all sorts of troubles like headphones coming off in the middle of a workout or while I am at the joggers’ park, earphones getting damaged due to sweat and moisture, cables getting damaged in the slightest of instances and what not. But not anymore. Thanks to this amazing companion of mine, I have been spared the problems that still continue to plague so many of my counterparts. I enjoy my jogging and workout sessions to the fullest and in the highest of spirits, and my mornings are usually the best part of the day.

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