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Friday, March 29, 2013

2 weeks ago I was invited to go on a pizza tour run by A Slice of Brooklyn. I hadn't heard about it before, not to mention any food tour until I saw it on Vimbly. But hey, this is NYC and anything is possible! The Brooklyn Pizza tour runs from 11am till 4pm. I signed up the tour on Saturday and I was told to meet up at the designated meeting spot near Union Square at 11am. Although I was late! But the Paula the tour guide was nice enough to meet up with me in Brooklyn.

There are tons of things to do in New York City. If you are a visitor and looking for something unique OR, a guided tour is a great way to spend some time! The tour guides are usually residents of the city or borough itself, so you hear their authentic experiences about the area.

Our tour guide Paula was very friendly, the folks on the tour were from places close and far, it was fabulous. How wonderful that a tour could bring people from all over the world together.

During the bus ride Paula told us about a lot of Brooklyn's history. Although part of my family lives in 86th street, and I spent quite some time there myself but hey, I don't know much about Brooklyn! The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA with over 100 years old; lots of great movies were once filmed in Brooklyn.

We watched movie clips from Goodfellas, Saturday Night Fever and more. We looked out the window to see the exact spots where they were filmed! That was very cool and everyone was taking photos of these famous places.

There was no hunger in this trip! Paula feed us well!The first pizza stop was the famous Grimaldi’s, which started making pizza in brick ovens in 1905.  Paula told us a history of how Grimaldi's started but I don't remember it! But I do know they are one of the few still allowed today to use coal in their baking process, therefore at 1,000 degrees, the pizza done in 3 mins. They make the famous Marghierta Pizza with simple ingredients such as Mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, Fresh Basil. It was a thin crust, crisp and yummy! I'm not a huge pizza fan but i loved it.

We went to Bay Ridge too! It was Paula's hometown and the neighborhood is gorgeous! We saw the 9 million dollar houses and of course a Smurf house!

The second pizza stop is L & B Spumoni Gardens. The pizza here was quite different than Grimaldi's. It was a thick crust pizza with cheese and red sauce. The sauce was good, not too sweet but most of us can't finish the pizzas, because it was quite fulfilling. 

We spent some time in DUMBO, Bed-Stuy, 86th Street (beginning of the Saturday Night Fever where John walked down the street) We also visited Coney Island and spent around half an hour in the snowy day and walked around. Paula told us a lot of history about the theme park and the neighborhood itself, it was great to learn about all this. 

After Coney Island stop they dropped us off to Union Square where they picked up everybody. I had so much fun and I would highly refer anyone to A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour as it is truly a fun time. Paula said they offered a lot of different trips throughout the year,  they also have a Christmas Lights Tour in the month of December. It was truly a great experience! I'm so glad I went!

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  1. Yummy pizza! Grimaldi's have another branch in Long Island, that's my fav hang out place!


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