Thrift Store Decorations That Will Wow Your Guests

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Many people hear the words "thrift store" and think of old, smelly, items that would be an eyesore in any decent home. The thought of using pre-owned goods can be a turn off for some folks, but that close-mindedness can be used to your advantage. There are endless possibilities when it comes to turning someone else's gently used merchandise into a treasure trove of new decor for your home. A few items in particular are sure to impress even the most die-hard skeptics and have you looking like a mini Martha Stewart.

Clothes and Fabrics
Clothes are abundant in most thrift stores. The trick is to see past what's in front of you. That dress is a little ratty, but does it have an interesting print that can be used as patching elsewhere? What about the pretty buttons on that shirt? Maybe they'd be a great embellishment on a picture frame. The same goes for spare fabric. You can make pillow cases, reupholster almost anything, and add color to the barest of items.

A lot of thrift store furniture tends to be mismatched, slightly damaged, or missing moving components. All this means is you will have a one of a kind conversation piece to spark the curiosity of your guests. Grab some paint and add your own personal touches to the item, or how about covering the top with some of that fabric you picked up earlier? Don't be afraid of a little scratch or squeaky wheel. It adds character.

Picture Frames and Paintings
Many of these you can use as-is, but it's more fun to use your imagination and really make the frame pop. Break out your craft box and add paint or glitter to an otherwise boring frame. Intriguing paintings and posters can make an empty wall come alive again.

Thrift stores are knick-knack central. You can find some interesting pieces for your mantle or bookshelf that will stand out and get people talking. Everything from glass to bronze to wood carvings can be found if you know where to look. Why not pick up more than what you might need? You can always use a Burlington NJ storage unit to store unused knickknacks. Clean up those items, set them out, and wait for the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' to begin.

Thrift stores can be a decorator's dream. Use redecorated thrift store decorations to turn your home into a modern yet frugal place of beauty. This article was written by Dixie Somers. Dixie is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys writing about home, family, and business related topics.

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