The Buffet (Las Vegas Style) Review - College Point, NY

Friday, March 08, 2013

3.9 / 5 Stars

I love food! I usually crave for Italian cuisine more than anything, but ever since I went to the Sin City (3x), I've been falling in love with buffet, not to mention Aria resort in Las Vegas does have the best buffet among all the others. In Vegas, buffets are exactly like the night clubs, when one opens up, it's instantly hot and everyone flocks to it. It's kind a difference here in New York City, we usually have to "Google" it and see all the buffet options! What's to blame? We have way too many good food here in the city :)

After an early morning on Monday, we are both exhausted and hungry, thanks to the amazing Yelp! We found The Buffet that is not far from where I was at the moment. The Buffet located in the developing College Point neighborhood, definitely not a prime location that could easily access by public transportation but if you owned a car, then there you go. 

First off, the staff here is really nice, we sat a 4 seat table by the window and our dishes never stacked up because they came by pretty frequently to clean out the used dishes :) Our waiter constantly came to check on us if we needed refills on our drinks. And oh, all drinks are complimentary, excluded alcohol beverages.

On my first round onto the food, I went for the clams, the sea bass, some scallops and mayonnaise shrimp. Everything was good, it was not bad at all, I really liked their seafood, as least they are fresh, unlike the overcooked mussels from Aqueduct Buffet from Genting World Casino in Queens. I tried their steak, it was cooked medium rare, each bite wasn't too chewy nor soft, I think it was pretty good, since most buffets tends to overcook their steak. Later on I continued to the other side where the Asian food section was. I tried the golden fried rice and seafood bowl (I know, seafood right?), Oh God, the rice was amazing, perfectly cooked and the taste was good. 

I didn't touch most of the Japanese grill food such as Yakitori, they looked a little bit overcooked to me. I didn't bother to try the sushi as well, I grabbed a few sashimi and oyster, but they aren't fresh, The Hilton buffet in Las Vegas had a best sushi and sashimi selection than this, it was quite a big disappointment course they looked so good!

Other things I like about The Buffet was, they had a few "custom-made" sections, which you can order dishes such as: Udon, stir-fried noodle, dessert crepes ....... They had a cute dessert section where trays of miniature desserts are placed out, also they had a mini chocolate fountain! How awesome was that! I tried their dessert soup such as MomoChacha, it was good, but of course during the last round of buffet eating, I can't get to tried all of them.

I struggled a bit when I wanted to give a "star" for The Buffet, I was thinking about giving a 4 Stars. But after a deep consideration and included all other factors, I decided to give out 3.9 out of 5 stars. Although the food was good, nice ambient setting but in a matter of fact, The Buffet is located in College Point, not Manhattan, I do think the price is quite above average.

Great food but disappointed at the price though. I would love to come back again to try the dinner.

The Buffet
20-07 127th St, 4th Fl
FlushingNY 11356
Neighborhood: College Point

(718) 886-3722

$$$ ($30 - $50)

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  1. Great food, nice interior and oh, the Marsh-marrow chocolate fountain was amazing!. Although they are far away and not easily reachable by trains.

  2. Thank you for the review! I am about to head there now!

  3. wow great place great food :) and great review


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