Different Types Of Room Décor

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Room decoration is an art. Gone are the days when room décor was all about arranging a few pieces of furniture and accessories. In modern times theme and color act as the basis for room decor. While some prefer airy and bright décor; others like it in a formal way. Here are the different types of room décor.

Traditional Decor: Traditional décor is normally rich décor with heavy and intricately carved furniture and accessories. The room will normally have furniture in darker tone and walls in neutral color like beige or off white. Heavily embroidered drapery in silk, upholstery in velvet, wall hangings with gold or copper framing etc are few of the features of traditional décor.

Victorian Décor: Even though this style of décor is closely associated with Victorian era, it is similar to traditional décor in many ways. Few of the features of traditional décor, like highly ornate furniture, rich drapery and upholstery, heavy carpets with detailed patterns etc are part of Victorian décor as well. Since Victorian décor is synonymous with spaciousness, it would suit only large bungalows and apartments.

Contemporary style Décor: Space is the main feature of contemporary style of décor. Light weight material like wood, glass etc re used for making furniture in this style of decor and it is mostly upholstered in a single color. The use of wall will be minimal so that the room looks spacious and bright. White color is abundantly used to get a feel of space. The use of plain upholstery and curtain without any patterns is another important feature of this style of decor.. All accessories are normally bold and large.

Rustic style Décor: Rustic style décor is all about using rustic or log furniture and accessories for decorating the home. This type of decor lies closer to nature as the log or wood used in furniture is raw; in their natural color and finish.This rough nature of furniture brings the impression that the wood is freshly hauled. Dark color and heavy wood tone are the characteristic of rustic décor. Adding raw pieces of driftwood, pine cones etc as accessories are few ways of adding the rustic element to the décor.

Country style décor: Even though this style of décor originated in America, its variations can be found in Europe especially France. In this style of décor, locally available material like wood, wrought iron etc are used for décor purpose. Floor made of wood; roughly plastered wall, fireplace etc are common in this type of décor. The colors used are mainly neutral and earthy tones like brown, gray etc. Large sized sofas and chairs, upholstery in floral prints etc are common. The theme of this style of décor is rural.

Even though the above mentioned décor styles are commonly seen, there are other styles like cottage décor which is seen mainly in beach side cottages, Retro style décor of the 80’s, casual décor where more colorful and handmade products are used etc. People even go in for a mix and match of different style to provide a customized feel to the décor.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specializing in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. 

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