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Friday, January 18, 2013

Donghia Furniture and Designer Line, who doesn't know them? They are one of the biggest sharks in the interior design community. Donghia furniture was founded by one of the big name in the United States, American interior designer, Angelo Donghia.  Mr. Donghia graduate from Parson Schools of Design and founded his company in the 70s, till now the name became one of the big names in the design community.

In the New Year of 2013, Donghia relaunching their new design blog, A Glass Half Full into Donghia Digest. The brand new inspirational blog will play a big role in the interior design community by giving out different ideas and first look if the industry. 

Now they are launching a "Contributing Blogger Campaign" to attract design bloggers to share comments, questions and ideas as how  to enhance the industry. 

For more information please email

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous blog! I love the layout and your pictures are fantastic. Great


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