Artsucks 10th Anniversary Recap

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thursday, January 10th, 2013 was the Artsucks 10th Anniversary Party!

The party had over 500 people came to join Artsucks for their 10th year Anniversary celebration and the whole place was alive with great music. During the 6-hour event, there was some awesome art and music performance by different artists.

The Artsucks 10th Anniversary Party was amazing and very inspiring, especially when Andy Golub  performance a live body painting in front of hundreds of people and press, of course, can't missed the lovely piano jazz performance by Nicole Zuraitis and Akil Vishus. And oh, did I mentioned the wonderful DJ AnaMated who kept the party rolling? ;)

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  1. Hey Jessica, nice candid shots of random creative people enjoying themselves! A break from the posed photos I've been seeing a lot of. Socializing, drinking, networking, relaxing, standing around mostly nude covered in paint & acting as a human projector screen...that's what it's all about. Thanks again! -Cojo


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