71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar Review

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My late afternoon was surrounded in the coffee world. Located just a few blocks away from the north of Union Square, the unique coffee shop is in the perfect location, despite it is away from the famous tourist district, I won't find many out of town type of people hanging out in the area, mostly the area is reserved for New Yorker ;)

This amazing coffee place have an ambience that fosters relaxation among those who are inside, they have the magic of make me think of nothing else but the cozy and warm feel of the place and the rich taste of my favorite cappuccino. Although it could be crowded most of the time but it is such a cute place to have my afternoon tea and coffee.  They also served as the perfect place to chat and all I have to do is go to 71 Irving Place and have a cup of coffee to escape from the reality.

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  1. J'adore votre blog ! Je vais toujours au coffee shop à l'étude, nous avons quelques étonnante coffee shop à Paris.


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