Job Hunting

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is how I used to think. "I love my job, I love my job, but hold on, do I really love it? Or maybe I officially hate my job, but uncertain how much longer I have to put up with my truly irritating job?" Those times are over. I'm no longer questioning myself, because I am "done" with it. I am.. Sort of glad actually, like a bird release from his cage. Not the right time, isn't it? The economy out there, mess up. Looking for a job sucks. So does the uprooted feeling of not knowing where you're going, what's going to happen or when they'll happen. I've been applying for jobs since I was employed. But whatever responses I've gotten, many of them turn me down, due to no position being open or my school schedule won't fit their company. Sucks, isn't it? I've been mentally prepared myself for months to find a new apartment, quit my job and get a life started out on my own. I did it, well.. Sort of. Moved to a new apartment ( I love it). But the rest of it, it's been 4 months, I was just sat there, ready and waited for a miracle to happen. I felt like I was moving backwards on everything. That was passed. I should be doing all the things I could get me a job, and starting to invest some time and effort into my job hunting. It ain't easy, sending off job applications is like being stuck in the golden triangle, hoping someone will notice and get me out of there.

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  1. wat kind if jobs r u looking for?

  2. Well all the best with your job search.

    In this economy is not the easies thing to come by but don't give up hope.

  3. Good Luck on your job hunting. I just quit my job in UBS last week. Pretty bad time to quit and look for a new job nowadays, but got no choice. I am moving back to Iowa with my gf. Oh God, will miss my apt in the village so much.


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