Mr. Gary and Jimmy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I already introduce them in the last post, but now take a closer look of my piggies -- here !
3 weeks old Mr. Jimmy
Jimmy is an Abyssinian guinea pig, which has a very distinctive appearance. The coat is made up of multiple swirls of hair referred to as rosettes. Their hair is quite dense and coarse, and it radiates in circles from multiple points on the body on the body to make up a series of whirls and ridges. And they could be as independent as a cat!

2 weeks old Mr. Gary
Gary is a Teddy Bear guinea pig. Teddy guinea pig get its name from the texture and appearance of its coat, which is similiar to a teddy bear's fur. They usually have a coat of soft and fluffy hair. And they like cuddles, doesn't like to be alone!

Later I will make a piggy blog for them! Stay Tune!

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  1. Oh My God, there are so freaking cute!

  2. i like hamster a lot...just their urine stink a lot...rite?

  3. so cute.. take good care of them ya...


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