The End of Summer 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I know, it's been a month or two, I've been disappearing. But no excuses. I moved to a brand new apartment ^_^ YEAH! Busy with packing and of course UNPACKING -_-" ... and 5 summer classes (I know is crazy), what else... The boy friend time.. and the most important... Let me introduce my 2 new son!! Mr. Gary and Mr. Jimmy, the guinea pigs! (Both 3 weeks and 4 weeks old) So fun things occur, and will be more coming up ^_^

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  1. Oh My God. Those piggies are cute! Are those bigger version of hamster or just guinea pig?

  2. ya... disappearing long time already... don't know what happened to you in these period of time... so, sometimes please tell us what you doing now and in good condition or not... but any where, take good care of yourself, k... miss you... muacks...

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