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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Already a week? Time flies. There are couples up and down during the week. Oh yeah, luckily there are more ups than downs. :P

Up: Vic came to New York to see me, which is a great things.

Down: Going home after work with no plans except to sit at home and watch TV… and feeling pretty damn lonely.
Up: Drinking a nice glass of red wine while watching Grey’s Anatomy and all of a sudden, not feeling that bad staying home.
Down: Waking up early on Thursday morning - AGAIN.
Up: A nice weekend gateway at Williamsburgh with Vic, nice and cozy.

Down: Another airport heartbreaking theory. My tears drop down when I saw him walked away to the departure gate. Can't calm down, feeling down all night long, felt like wanna spent my AMEX card on drinking Long Island Ice Tea.

Up: A fun dinner with my girl - Momoko which I haven't seen in a while.

Down: Bursting into a non-happy mood in between a sip of a margie and a bite of a taco at dinner. And not being able to stop until going to bed.
Up: Since when I started going out with my web cam at home?
Down: Work School work, where's my silly Piggy Head? Je le manque

Up: Exciting! Jumping! Screaming in my room. I have Columbus holiday off from college. I'm getting a flight ticket to Campaign!

Down: My projects! My Papers! My exams! I messed up it! I hate it! >.<

Up: My financial aid is done! Bravo!

Down: Another tired day. Need a boast from Lee Hom's music.

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  1. I had a better week, at least my roommate is gone for 2 weeks.


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