Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moon+Cake = Mooncake

The mid-autumn festival is approaching. it is a really big festival in Asia, somehow, somewhere in NewYorkCity, I found "the" cake. Lots of lots of mooncake were sold in Chinatown. I used to celebrated Mooncake Festival... It was a while ago... I made my own lantern. It's been a while, I haven't felt anything special about mooncake festival, but this year, I miss the sweetness of it.

Mooncake festival could be a a lovely night nor a lonely day. Hundreds and thousands of poems are dedicate to depict the happiness of family reunion, the homesick kids who live far away from their family; the lovesick of lovers; the loneliness without the laughter of good friends, what else left? The big round silver moon rise upon the sky, and feeling lonely.

Mooncake festival is a past tense for me. In my present day, there is no existence of mooncake, but lots of homework and work. I had the most stunning view of the moon in Midwest; a special person, a special occasion that didn't happened often. Like the fairy tales, when you awake from the dream, he/she went away...

Anyway, here's the picture I took in Urbana Champaign, IL. I wish everybody a Happy Mooncake Festival.

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  1. nz too.. my mooncake festval without mooncake, only homeworks accompany me... sad-nya...

  2. did u found a rabbit on the moon...lolz


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