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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have such a pleasant day today, I don’t know why. I hang out with a girl friend of mine last weekend, which is, well, not much different from the past three weekends. I did manage to get out of bed on Sunday at 9 in the morning. Nothing interesting, really. We had a brunch and I ended up finished all my laundry.

So last week I started school. Like without internet would be bad, but not apply on me. I’m taking 12 hours again, which is not fine because I do want to take more than that. Oh well, don't want to get myself "killed". I usually spent hundred of dollars on my textbook, but I'm getting lucky this semester. I spent less than $100 so far for all my textbook, which is a good thing. :)

Cobleskill homecoming weekend is around the corner, I wish I could go back this year.. I miss Scuba, Susan, Jeff, Shane and the rest of the Student Life Center's crew and Student Government Association. If transportation wise is alright, I'll be back. :P

PS: I will upload some travel pictures that I took in Chicago, Urbana Champaign and St. Louis trips later.....

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  1. I used to have a group of friend like tat, i miss tat a lot too


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