The Spring Behind My Eyes

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am nothing more than tired, exhausted, sleepy. I finished my awful, sleepless Spring semester's finals yesterday. I'm grateful but tired.

Thursday night after work, I went to happy hour with my formal co-workers. As usual, she has never been sober every time we sat on the bar stool. Once again, she had a mental breakdown. Tears and complains kept coming out from her mouth ... But is okay ... I get used to it. Everyone has their own way of living. I would never be the cried-drunk girl that you would see in the bar, at least I've never done.

Summer is around the corner, even though you still able to taste the Spring air. It's been a year ago since I had taken a break from my real life. I want to go away.... A place without subway and crowds, a place to touch the green and feel the blue. I wonder, when will it be?

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  1. Come to my uni, and you can have a touch of green grass, playing frisbee on the huge Quad :P I'll be done with exam by next Tues, and will head to Canada

  2. Nice picture and I like fishing.

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