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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Strike fever is hitting America. First of all we had the MTA Subway strike early in the year 2007, January, which I think is was a silly decision to made it happens, and then we had the NYC taxi strike occurs around October 2007, basically, some of the taxi drivers are disagreed on the government made a decision to added a GPS system and a credit card swipe auto pay in the yellow cab. (I think is a great idea, instead of paying cash, I could use my credit card to pay for the fare!). And now. The "fresh" strike we had, is .. BROADWAY!

Can you believe that Broadway is on strike for 19 days? Even though, the strike was on on Thanks Giving day, what ashamed. I can't even calculated how much money we lost during these 19 days in New York City, probably couples billions per day for all the businesses and services. According to the BBC theatre stagehands are on strike on Broadway, New York, and have shut down over twenty plays and musicals. It's happening at the run-up to Christmas, which is traditionally the busiest time of the year for the industry.

The dispute has largely been over work rules that govern how many stagehands must be called for work, how long they work, and what kind of tasks they can perform.

The League of American Theatres and Producers wants more flexibility in those rules so as to avoid paying for workers who have nothing to do.

"Our goal is simple - to pay for workers we need and for work that is actually performed," Charlotte St Martin, executive director of the league said.

But the union says theatre owners have been unclear about what offsetting benefits stagehands can have in return.

Actor Patrick Page, star of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, said he supported the strike but hoped for an early settlement:

"These guys on strike over here are the backbone of Broadway. They are the guys who keep me safe, when I get hoisted up in the air in the show, they are the guys who put light on me, who make sure everything happens."

"I know that the Actors Equity Association really supports the guys at Local One, I am a member of the union and we all just want the shows to happen again," he said.

Anyway, Thanks God the trike is over, so I could feel "normal" when I walk down Times Square! Yeah!

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