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Sunday, November 25, 2007

If you think I've been partying up since almost finishing exams and too busy to blog about how busy my life is now, well, it's rather far from truth. I have been tied up with errands and haven't had the time to let the reality sink in and start feeling ecstatic. However, I know that I'm not 90% through to graduation. Why? Because I've been working, having a working life and a full time student aren't easy at all.

Time flies, another Thanksgiving holiday just passed. Christmas holiday is around the corner, plus New Year and my Birthday too. I think is time for me to start making a plan for 2008. I'm wishing the best would come and I keep my finger cross about something good.

lol, Guess what. I just found out a good news from Shaky Fish's Blog. I won the award The Hottest Sexy Blogger in the fish's network, along with another winner, Kelly Siew. Yeah.

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  1. Thats cause you are soooooooooo sexy Jess... I miss you!! if you didn't see your Facebook I may be in NYC this weekend!!

  2. congrats for that award sis! hottest! you deserve it!

    december na nga pala at kailangan ko narin sigurong gumawa ng wish list..hehehe...


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