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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have a friend who want to give out her baby kitten since she got too many at home.. She just like, " Jess, I know you love animals, want a kitty?" I'm just like, " Yeah, I would love too, but I can't even take good care of a hamster, how the heck I will take good care of the cat?" -- My daily story

It's been a while I haven't update my blog. Sorry guys, no excuse! But I haven't get my cable fix yet, so, no internet servics in my house at all. But, I just got a new Blackberry Curve, I am just gonna use it to go online and check my mail and stuff, not bad at all, I still could use my aim or msn and such ... blah blah blah..

I am so broke lately, been job hunting for a while. Finally I had two interviews in a consultan firm that located in Times Square, Manhattan, and a law firm at downtown Broadway, Manhattan. One was good and one was bad. I like the law firm tho, but the lawyer said he's gonna to call me soon and let me know about the position. Well, I keep my finger cross then.

Anything interesting happened on my love life? Yeah!!! Guess what!!? Nothing happened at all. Well, there's always good guy out there that have a crush on you or something, but you just doesn't feel the same way as they do, that sucks. I been running into different situation with different people that I thought we might had a moment, but actually turns out it was a fantasy, nothing realistic. Well well well, I am single and I think I will be single for a while.
I'm currently in a mood for this song --> Click HERE and turn on your speaker !

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  1. Yeah, you never know what the future holds, you gotta take life one day at a time. good luck with the job hunt though, i am sure you will find something that you will enjoy

  2. they let you have a hamster? oh boy...

  3. Yeah Steve, I had a hamster, his name is Hamataro, he's my son! But unfortunately he died of .... hydration....


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