I Been Tagged #5

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I got a tag from Grace Thanks for the tag, it's cute and funny. hahaha. Before I answer this tag, I will tag thiamthin, Jacky, Wilson, Simple. Okay, this tag has a little instruction to follow.

Instruction: I will tag you a Question And Post your answer on your website/blog. After that you make another question and tag it to other bloggers. Got it? Let's get it on!

Here is my answer of this Question from Grace

Q from Grace : Do you believe you can explain what TRUE LOVE is? If you believe, then explain it.

A from Jess : I don't know what is true love is. But I know for fact it is something that would make your heart beat faster, getting nervous or even acting silly. I never in love. Love is tough and deep. It just make you turn to another person (sometimes) Maybe I will in love one day, maybe ..... O.o

My Question to you.

Q from Jess : If you know you gonna be dead by tomorrow night, what would be the last thing you wanna do? If you only have 3 month to live, who you wanna spent time with?

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  1. hey jess how are you there my pal/
    -.- i like how you used the word toxic there in the end of the paragraph. always miss you my friend

  2. Kamusta na po just checking in my links



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