Chicago Millennium Park

Friday, August 21, 2009

Millennium Park in Chicago not just a park but a green space with several exciting areas and attract anyone seeking a break from the city on Lake Michigan and has activities both for summer and winter.Walking towards Millennium Park, I felt the heat of the Chicago summer, and realized summer has finally arrived. The Park provided me some shelter from the heat, as far as I could remember, there was outdoor dining areas, air conditioned restroom, stores and many more. As I walked through the underpass at Columbus Drive, I saw an artsy pedestrian bridge, it allowed access from the lakefront to Millennium Park. Within 8 minutes walked, I noticed a steel net-like roof in the sky, covering the Great Lawn which provides open-air concerts are given on a very regular basis in summer. Luckily, Me and Vic attended one of the Grant Park Orchestra (Beethoven) in Millennium Park just a couple days ago.

The Grant Park Orchestra in Millennium Park

Art in the Park

Wedding and water fun

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