30 Hour Famine

Saturday, June 23, 2007

30 hour famine is an international youth movement to fight hunger. It will bring us closer together, feed hungry children, and change our world forever. The year 2007 marks the 10th year of World Vision Malaysia’s service to children, made possible by the partnership of Malaysian individuals and organizations.

To celebrate this important milestone, World Vision Malaysia hopes to expand and extend the 30-Hour Famine event beyond its current scale.

To commemorate the anniversary, Famine participants will be given a deeper understanding of children’s rights and a review of how their contributions have made a difference in children’s lives over the years.
We hope to invite all to come and experience how each one of us can participate in bringing about real changes in a hungry child’s life.
Join us request by mail

- Call (03) 7880 6414 or post an online request for a donation card.
- Maximum number of cards per request: 10 pieces
- There will be an additional courier charge of RM5.00 imposed
: 15 & 16 Sept 2007
: Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil
: 12:00 noon on Saturday until 6:00pm on Sunday

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