🇨🇴 Custom Emerald Ring Making Airbnb Experience and History Walk 2021 Bogota, Colombia 4K

Monday, September 13, 2021

Colombia is known as a coffee country, but they got so much more to it. Did you know precious stones Emerald are widely mined in Colombia, and 60% of them in the world are originally from Colombia! I was glad to participate in this special tour by Juan and Carlos and I created a custom-made ring and be a part of the Emerald legend. This tour starts with a history walk led by Juan, and an introduction about the importance of emeralds for pre-colonial and colonial culture, then the custom Emerald ring took place in a jewelry workshop led by the Master Jewelry Carlos. I highly recommend this tour! Put it in your Bogota travel list. 

Video tools: Hohem 3 axis gimble

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