Happy Birthday Apple + Ipoh Ice Ice Baby

Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday, June 23st, was my friend Apple Cheng Peng's birthday party.
We gathered together in Ice Ice Baby for drinks and snacks and presents. All my friends were there.
Me, Wei Mun and Mandy gave Apple a bottol of red California wine. (I choose this wine) :P
Yep, Shirley and Ansen's turn. Apple received his favorite present! A green limited edition T-Shirt.
We spent many happy moments hanging out together, talking pictures with each other, making funny faces and recording. We were so loud and wild in the restaurant. lol
I'm so very pleased that once again I had the sweetest moments with my dear friends.
Shirley, Elena, Wei Mun, Lai Leng, Phoebe, Mandy, Seong Fei, Ansen, Apple and Kok Leong...

Thank you very much. You guys light up my days ....

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  1. Haha,look like another happy gathering.Friend is greaters in the world.

  2. its really great to have great friends


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