Gifts To Make A Birthday Special

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Having a birthday in lockdown isn’t nice. Even with the restrictions slowly being lifted, the individual won’t be able to see their friends and family. Neither will their friends and family be able to go shopping in person for the perfect gift, or be able to take the individual out for a birthday meal where they can eat their favourite food. Yet you can still find a special gift from the comfort of your home. One which can be delivered to them, or which you can take delivery of and leave on their doorstep, to watch them open from afar. Lockdown is tough, especially if the individual lives alone. But it doesn’t mean they can't get some great gifts from family and loved ones. Here are a few ideas, to get you thinking. You might have already considered some but hopefully they’ll open your mind up to new ideas.


You can rarely go wrong with some well thought and individual jewelry. The recipient might not get to wear them if they’re on lockdown, but the gift will be appreciated. It comes in all different types too. If they love earrings, you can focus on those. If they have a nice watch collection then you can help them add to it. You can find some necklaces at or maybe they’d like a bracelet. Price points vary wildly when jewelry is concerned, but it’s a good thing because no matter what your budget is, you’ll find something for them. If you think they’re incredibly picky, then ask their partner, you might get some great advice to help you make the right choice.

Know Them

If you know them, buying the gift will be a whole lot easier. Think about their likes and hobbies. What do they enjoy doing? People are diverse and different, so try not to go for something generic. Do some prior research and it’ll go a long way. Gifts which are more personal in nature go a longer way.

Go For A Game

If you know they’re a gamer, then getting them a game is a great way to show how you can go down the personal route. Plus, it’s something they can use extensively in lockdown when they’re bored or fancy a break from working. Just make sure they haven’t already got it. Check in with their partner, or if you’re connected with them in the social space via your consoles, check if they have the game through their trophy or achievement system. It’s something which can be posted right through their door. If you’re worried, get them a code so they can download it right off their console store! Make sure you know what kind of console they use. The more popular ones are PS4 or XBOX. Some people game exclusively on PC though, so just do your research to make sure you get it all right.

Gift Card

Gift cards aren’t always a complete cop out. At a time like this, when the individuals favourite store or eatery is closed then buying a gift card can give them something to look forward to when things resume. If it’s a gift card for a clothing store or something similar, then you can ensure they buy something they actually want. Plus, if the store has an online presence they can use the gift card right away instead of having to wait until things open up again. You can usually buy gift cards for anything, so you shouldnt have any trouble procuring them, just check the terms and conditions to ensure they have a long use by date, especially if you’re buying them for a store which has temporarily closed.

Exercise Gear

If they have a passion for fitness now is a great time to buy them something related to it. A lot of people are indulging their fitness wants in lockdown because they have the time to do so. Do they cycle? Are they keen runners? Maybe they like to train with weights or machines. You can buy clothes, equipment, etc. It might be worth checking with them first. Surprises are great, but sometimes it’s better to straight up ask what they want. Especially if you’re buying clothes or equipment because you’d need to know the size or weight training stuff they’d need. You’d also need to know if they have the space to store any exercise equipment you buy. If you know them well you would have been in their home and might know, but if not, hold off on this one until you ask someone who does.

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