Job Satisfaction Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Both workers and employers know that it is essential to ensure that people have high job satisfaction. When employees are happy, they get more done, make more sales, and generally have higher productivity. When they’re miserable, the opposite is true. 

Right now, though - as the following infographic demonstrates - people aren’t satisfied with their jobs. A massive proportion of those surveyed, for instance, say that they are dissatisfied with their compensation and don’t have enough opportunities for career advancement. More than three quarters aren’t happy with the way that managers communicate with them, and forty percent say that they feel “job burnout” - not good. 

The good news is that there are also a host of strategies that companies can use to improve job satisfaction. The main one - as you might expect - is increasing the amount that people get paid. Around 67 percent of employees said that their happiness would go up if their employer paid them more. 

There are other strategies that employers can use too. One is flexible scheduling. Workers say that they feel happier at work when their employees allow them to work when they like and don’t demand that they get to the office at 9 am on the dot every day. Around two-thirds of people said that having a flexible schedule would prevent them from experiencing burnout. 

If you’re interested in job satisfaction levels, then check out the following infographic. It provides a unique insight into what makes people unhappy in the workplace and what can be done about it.

Infographic by  USC

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