Six Unusual Souvenirs To Buy On Your Vacation

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

There's one thing that is most exciting about going abroad on an adventure, and that's souvenirs. Being able to pick up trinkets from each place that you have visited is exciting: it’s the memories that you get from each item that will forever transport you back to those places over and over again.

There’s something fun about selecting and choosing the most authentic trinkets, the most fun and the most unusual items. It’s going to be as much fun choosing to get a tattoo in New Zealand as much as it would be to click here for diamond nipple rings after you get the piercing you’ve never been brave enough to do. While both of those are excellent “souvenirs” from your travels, the real souvenirs are the ones you can see on the shelf at home. Let’s take a look at six ideas for souvenirs on your next break!

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  • Something To Eat. You can’t go to Belgium or Switzerland without sampling the chocolate, right? Well, bringing home something delicious is an absolute must when you go abroad. Buy local teas in Asia or check out the mangoes in the Caribbean. Always check the rules, though, just in case your edibles aren’t allowed through customs. 
  • Something To Wear. An awesome brooch? A printed t-shirt with the location you stayed in emblazoned on the front? How about something in local materials and locally made? You can even purchase those earrings in that one shop that you could barter in - everyone loves jewellery! Something to wear can be everything that you need to feel transported back to that place all over again.
  • Something To Use Daily. Printed mugs, a souvenir plate with the map of the area you’re staying in and even novelty spoons are the best options for something that you’ll use every single day. If you aren’t up for buying something for the kitchen, blanket throws for your bed or cushions for the couch can be an excellent alternative. Make sure that whatever you buy you can fit in your luggage!
  • Something For The Walls. Artwork is always easy to come by, and we don’t mean “art” by the local artists caricatures, either! Instead, think about canvases with the local landscapes painted with watercolor onto them. If you don’t want to bring home a canvas, put together some of your pictures that you took while you were away and collage them together instead. 
  • Something For Next Time. Quite the adventurer, are you? Well, you can bring something from this adventure to the next one. Look for things you’d need, like koala luggage tags if you’re in Australia, or camels if you’re in Egypt. You can even buy sunglasses from your destination for your next trip. 
  • Something That’s Priceless. You’ve already spent on the tattoo and the nipple rings, but now you need something sentimental. Seashells from the beach at the Maldives resort, or a maple leaf from Canada, some coins from the local currency - all of these things are going to remind you of the places you once visited.

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