What Wine Should You Drink While Eating Steak?

Thursday, April 04, 2019

When eating a nice piece of steak there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine with it. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure you select your wine with care so that it complements the type of meat you have chosen. This article will give you all the advice you need to ensure you pick the right wine you are eating steak and we will also give you some tips regarding lamb and ribs as well.

What wine should you pair with a rib-eye steak?

When it comes to rib-eye steak you should be looking for strong flavours of black plum and hints of pepper. Good choices to go for include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Tempranillo. The latter has beautiful hints of vanilla whilst Cabernet Sauvignon is ideal for those who like dry red wine. If you are new to red wine Shiraz is the best option to go for because it has your typical mix of plum, blackberry and pepper.

What wine should you pair with a sirloin steak?

If you are planning on enjoying a sirloin steak you should look for a rich red wine. Those with a spiciness work beautifully. The standard option to go for would be Merlot. This always works well. Or, why not try Zinfandel? This is a spicy red wine boasting flavours of blackberry and blueberry. It’s delicious.

What wine should you pair with a T-bone steak?

As well as complementing sirloin steak beautifully, Merlot also goes really well with a T-bone steak. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something different why not try buy Bordeaux blends online or try Rioja? This is scrumptious. It is a jammy red wine containing an evident spice and lots of forest fruit flavours.

If you are someone who prefers eating lamb when you are at a restaurant, then there are some fantastic wine options available to you. Red wine is the best route to go down again. If you are planning on eating roast lamb you should try either Aglianico or Malbec. They both boast the ripe and juice flavours that work so well with the meat. If grilled lamb is more your sort of thing then try Pinot Noir or Chinon.

Finally, what wine should you have when ordering barbecue ribs at a restaurant? This all depends on whether you are planning on eating dry ribs or those that are lathered in a sauce. If you are going to go for the former you should try Cabernet Sauvignon, whilst Jelu Reserva works really well if you are having ribs in a sauce.

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need on how to select a good wine to go with your steak. But, you need the best steak too! Have you heard about dry-aged steak? Dry aged beef is meat that has gone through the process of being prepared for consumption. This mainly incorporates the breaking down of the connective tissue. This begins with the animal having been cleaned after slaughter and then it will have been hung to dry for several weeks. It tastes much nicer! Firstly, it has the effect of evaporating the moisture from the muscle, which in turn ensures the concentration of beef taste and flavour is a lot higher. Meat will start at approximately 75 per cent water. This is reduced to roughly 70 per cent once the dry aging procedure has occurred. Five per cent does not exactly sound like much. However, when you actually taste the difference you will see that it is massive. The major difference is the fact that the meat tastes so much more juicer.

Secondly, it helps the beef to become a lot tenderer because the natural enzymes of the meat break down the connective tissue. Therefore, all in all, you are going to benefit from a much nicer quality of meat. Essentially, when you create the conditions mentioned via dry aging the beef you allow the enzymes to do their business. They start to break down all of the meats glycogens, fats and proteins. As a result, they turn into fat acids, amino acids and sugars. Glutamate is actually the most important and flavoursome amino acid that is generated. As a result, you end up with a much better complexity of flavour. The perfect blend of savouriness, sweetness and even bitterness.

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