Does Your Dream Home Have to Stay a Dream

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We all have dreams. Some of us will want to become the next J.K.Rowling. Some of us will want to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And some of us will want the perfect home. You know the one. With its white picket fence and pretty window dressings and enough land for the kids to run and play. Yeah, that. That one you had in your mind as a child that you’ve never really quite reached for. But there is something that you need to do about that. Because unless you go after that dream home, you’ll find that it just stays there. In your mind. Nagging you. And you’ll forget look at your current home wondering why it’s not the dream. And resenting that fact. So instead of planning your next home project to be something small that makes a tiny difference to your current home, think big. Way, way bigger.

Because it’s time to chase after you dream home.

Knowing What You Want

First of all, you need to know what you want. Even if you think you do and you have that image in your mind, you need to get specific. You have to bring that visual from your mind into real life and make a specific list of what attributes you’re looking for in your dream house.

Assessing The Market

Then, you are going need to find it. So take a look at houses for sale at the moment and see what kind of prices that you’re looking at. First of all, you are not looking for the house, but you are setting the intention. Because you need to see what your dream property costs and what it looks like so that you can then start to work out how you’ll make it yours.

Setting The Goal

So then the next thing is to work out what the goals is. Do you know how much the house costs? What kind of deposit do you need? What more do you need to add to the pot to make it happen? What mortgage do you need? Work at it. Then figure out a savings goal. Think about what the savings goals are that you need to work towards in order to finally get that house. Whether it’s within a year or five years. Set that goal.

Creating That Plan

And then, you need a plan. You have a goal - but you won’t get it unless you know what actionable steps you need to take in order to get there. So think of that end goal and work backwards so you know what kind if steps you need to take to get there - from financial to practical.

Taking That Step

And then, you need to step. You just have to move. You cannot create a plan and then hope it all unfolds. You have to take that first step. And just run at it. Don’t think about it too much. Just start going for it. Because it’s you doing the work and making things happen is how you’re going to get that dream house.

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