Why You Should Explore Your Attic This Week

Thursday, June 28, 2018

As homeowners, there are often a million different activities and duties pulling our attention away from upkeeping our spaces. Apart from cleaning, deeply arranging our home and spending time organizing is often something that only happens once in a while, or when it’s necessary. This is good. You can’t redecorate your home every evening, or deep clean every single week. However, sometimes thinking ‘this is going to take place now,’ is usually a very positive thought to have. For this weeks, we’d suggest that you take a look at your attic. Why this week in particular? Well, it’s unlikely you have a specific date for doing this chiselled in stone, unless you’re moving out of your home or extending its structure. A simple ‘do it now!’ might help.

If you need further motivation for doing so, it might help to remind yourself of the benefits of doing so. This will make the inevitable cobweb you walk into face-first worth it, or the heavy lifting and rooting through your old belongings more tolerable:

Donating Belongings

Donating your personal belongings that are going unused to a service such as Habitat for Humanity can be a truly excellent thing for you to do. It allows you to upcycle your goods and potentially find them a home that really needs them. This is much better than throwing them in the landfill. Imagine if almost every household did this. Many more people would be taken care of. If you have belongings that are somewhat sentimental to you but you’re happy to throw out, having them go to a good home could be a wise choice, helping you find closure for the item. The recipient is sure to appreciate it.

Selling Belongings

Of course, you are also free to sell your property. Who knows what small goods in your attic could be worth a nice sum? It’s not uncommon for people to find amazing antiques in their attic or childhood collections of comic books or toys that are now worth quite a comforting amount of money. Why not check and have it appraised or valued? You could potentially be storing a tidy sum.

Finding History

Some people keep items in their attic they have sat on for years and years. This beautiful history could be waiting up there for you, from your wedding photos to your grandmothers cooking recipes you inherited and forgot to root through. It might be you find sentimental items you have stored for some time. However, remember that you can also place your own items of history for preservation up here, so this activity might not only help you clear space in your storage, but also clear space in your normal household space, and secure the items that mean the most to you.

Check For Issues

Sometimes, issues might be developing in your attic that you had not noticed. From hornets or a wasps nests to damp or rot in the roofing felt, checking for issues could be long overdue, and reparative work might take place the moment you find something worthwhile to change. This is a relatively positive method of resolving issues quickly, so be sure to have a little look around.

With these simple motivations, exploring your attic could be the best job you do all week.

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