Surprising Things to See in South Dakota

Saturday, April 21, 2018

South Dakota is famous for a lot of things, most notably the Black Hills mountains east of the Rockies, the wonderful granite tribute to Crazy Horse within its boundaries and of course the world famous carvings of presidents Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt which were created by Gutzon Borglum and which make up Mount Rushmore. However, there are a lot more unique and unusual attractions just waiting to be explored in The Mount Rushmore State, making it one of the most interesting states to visit.

Just check out some of the more surprising attractions you’ll find in South Dakota:

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City

Travel out to Rapid City, and it won’t be long before you come across the very quirky Dinosaur Park which has been around since 1936. Home to lots of surprisingly charming dinosaurs that you can climb up on and take selfies of, and with amazing views out over the Badlands, you’ll feel like you’re in your own movie and you’ll have a blast.

Custer State Park, Custer

Perhaps a state park isn’t all that surprising to find in the US, but Custer State Park has to be one of the most unique of its kind in the country. How to herds of wild bison, beautiful waterfalls, granite hills and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at, it’s a really wonderful place to spend some time. While you’re there, be sure to stay at the Holiday Inn Express And Suites Custer which also has its own waterfall. You’ll never want to go home again!

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs

What is it with South Dakota and prehistoric times? As well as the fabulous Dinosaur Park, the state is also home to Mammoth Site - a Paleontological dig site with the most mammoth remains of anywhere in the world. If you want to see what those magnificent beasts who once roamed the earth looked like and you want to do an activity that’s fun for the whole family, this is the place to be.

The Corn Palace, Mitchell

Head to Mitchell, and you’ll be confronted by the only corn palace on the planet. This huge building is plastered with corn and redecorated on an annual basis. Each year the theme changes, so it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re into roadside attractions, particularly of the giant variety, you aren’t going to want to miss it, so be sure to visit between Memorial Day and August when it is open to the public. The Corn Palace Inn is a cheap place to spend the night nearby too. So, check it out.

The World’s Largest Pheasant, Huron

Speaking of large roadside attractions, another one that you’re going to want to see when you’re in South Dakota is the World’s Largest Pheasant in Huron. Weighing 22 tonnes and standing 28 feet tall, this monument just off Highway 14 is one of the quirkiest celebrations of the state.

As you can see, there is a lot more to South Dakota than meets the eye, so although you’re going to want to take in those big attractions, be sure to spend some time exploring the quirkier side of the state too.

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