Cool Things To Do In Colourful Colorado

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Colorado is full of incredible natural sights and rich in history. For those planning on visiting this state, here are just a few activities worth pursuing.

Hike the Colorado trail

Those yearning for a hiking challenge can try and take on the Colorado trail. Spanning almost 500 miles through the Rocky Mountains, this trail has many impressive sights along its route from lakes to canyons. You can also take on parts of this trail by horseback if you want to take a break from your walking boots.

Gape at the Garden Of The Gods

This impressive rock formation in Colorado Springs is one of the state’s most popular sights. You’ll find a visitor center here where you can learn more about this mighty monument. If you book a Travelodge in Colorado Springs you can also take advantage of the other attractions in the area. These include the Broadmoor Seven Falls and impressive mountain Pike’s Peak.

Rock out at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre

15 miles outside of Denver you’ll find another impressive rock formation known as the Red Rock Amphitheatre. It’s become a popular spot for concerts due to its natural acoustics and impressive setting. You can go online to check out upcoming gigs – it’s worth experiencing this arena in its full glory. Whilst near Denver, there are plenty of other activities to get involved in outside and inside the city. You can visit the Botanic Gardens and see various animals at Denver Zoo. You can even climb Mount Denver, which is located 60 miles west.

Explore the Buffalo Bill Museum

The Buffalo Bill Museum is a celebration of all things wild west, featuring many historic possessions and memorabilia related to legendary showman Buffalo Bill. The museum complex also contains plains Indian artifacts, a firearm exhibition and a collection of historic American art.

Hang out at the Hanging Lake

Another popular natural sight is Glenwood Canyon’s Hanging Lake, so-called because it’s position perched on the edge of the cliff as if hanging above the world. Waterfalls lead into the turquoise waters of the lake, creating a serene environment. Reaching the lake involves a fairly long climb, so be prepared for this when visiting this site. 

Brave the Black Canyon

Black Canyon can be found in Gunnison National Park. Carved out by the Gunnison River, this black gorge is a dramatic sight and is a popular hiking destination. The steep and craggy terrain makes it fairly challenging and best suited to those with good fitness levels. Some people even camp here for the night – the stars are known for being exceptionally bright due to there being no town and cities nearby to create light pollution.

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