The Most Popular Holiday Meals in Australia

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Just add some light-hearted humour and booze and you’ve pretty much got yourself a merry little Australian holiday. Far from being sticklers for tradition, a lot of Aussies love to have a mix of tastes and spices in their meals, especially when the holidays come and it’s time to indulge in good food and good company. Still, some dishes are incredibly popular and can be found on the plates of most Aussies who like to celebrate, and as it turns out – these are pretty delicious meals. If you like our friends from the Down Under, here’s a list of things that they like to prepare with some ideas on how you could spice up your own holiday menu.

Sweet, boozy pudding

Brought to Australia by the British, pudding is one sweet, delightfully odd dish that can just melt in your mouth if you prepare it well. Their secret? A mix of sultanas, figs, almonds, and of course always a dash of rum or brandy to give it a softer texture. Ginger and cinnamon are the best spices to add, but what really makes it special is orange or lemon juice. The pudding will get a rich, zesty tang and once you serve it with custard it will have the perfect blend of sweetness, spice, and just a hint of sour. Pro tip if you’re serving it to kids: replace custard with ice cream.

Anzac biscuits

Arguably one of Australia’s most important holidays, the ANZAC day celebrates the bravery of Australian and New Zealand soldiers during the World War I and II. Golden, crispy, and made from various oats, Anzac biscuits are the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Add some coconut, make sure you’ve got plenty of butter, and add golden syrup into the batter for some delicious goodness. The real trick to this recipe is to keep it simple: you may experiment if you like, but then they won’t be real Anzac biscuits. Flour, desiccated coconut, golden syrup, butter, oats, and bicarb – that is all. Bake for 15-18 minutes, no more, no less. 

Smokey roast ham for Christmas

Who doesn’t love a good roast ham for Christmas? Apricot and honey mustard glazed, served with roasted apples, and left in the oven for at least two hours, this is one mouth-watering meal that will make your entire house smell delicious. Want a little secret ingredient to spice it up a bit? Cloves. Just stick a few into the ham itself before roasting, then remove when done. It’s very important to prepare it in a non-stick roasting dish like Anolon, especially if you like to use the melted juices from the ham as a sauce. This way you’ll make sure the ham is roasted evenly and that the taste is still deliciously smoky and juicy when done. 

Seafood and cold meats

Perhaps an odd Christmas tradition if you’re not used to Australian weather, but seafood, especially prawns, are quite popular. Barbecue fresh prawns and serve them with cold meats and salad and you’ve got a pretty delicious, light meal that won’t sit heavy on your stomach. Want to make them crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside? The trick is to dry brine them. Let them sit in kosher salt for a bit before roasting them, and you’ll love the result. 

There we go, and hey, if you really want to feel like an Aussie, you can never go wrong with simple BBQ. Throw it all on the rack, barbecue it, and enjoy a few beers as you eat delicious meat.

"Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at, a traveller and a mother to two. Originally from Chicago, she found her place in the sun in Perth, Australia. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she enjoys sharing her knowledge, experience (and recipes) with others."

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