Active Adventurer? These Destinations Should Be on Your Bucket List!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

There’s nothing wrong with lying on a beach for a week or two, and if it’s relaxation that’s just what the doctor has ordered then go ahead and kick back! However, if that’s not really your style and you much prefer to be up and doing things, chances are you’ll be on the hunt for something more active and exciting. If you want to explore, hike, bike and generally be up doing things, here are a few destinations that are well worth considering. 

Honshū, Japan

Honshū is the main island of Japan, home to most of the country’s major cities and cultural sites including Mount Fuji, an iconic, snow-capped volcano. A walk up here can provide some of the most spectacular views, especially on a clear day. Alternatively, travel down to the Noto Peninsula, a peninsula projecting north into the Sea of Japan. Look into self-guided cycling tours in Japan where you will see dramatic coasts and seaside villages amongst other things. The perfect way to be up and moving on your vacation while viewing some breathtaking sites. 

Orlando, US

The home of Disney as well as thousands of other tourist attractions, if you want a holiday jam-packed with exciting things then Orlando should be on your list. Certainly not one to be lazing around on, you could visit theme parks, wildlife and animal experiences, go to shows, browse the shops and out on boats at the beach or Florida Keys. Make sure you’ve packed some comfortable footwear as you’ll be up and about doing exciting things every day that you’re there!

Rome, Italy

If submerging yourself in history and culture is your kind of thing, you won’t be disappointed in Rome. There are plenty of places to explore on foot from ancient ruins from the Spanish Steps and Coliseum to impressive modern architecture. There are galleries and museums, cathedrals, parks and much more, It will involve lots of walking, but if this is what you’re after then it could be your perfect getaway.

The Outback, Australia

The Australian Outback is no easy place to explore, with difficult terrain, extreme heat and all kinds of animals and insects that you’ll have never seen anywhere else in the world. However if you really want to push yourself, and have an active break then where better to do so. The outback has places that are so remote, people claim to have spiritual experiences and many go to ‘find themselves.’ It’s certainly not for everyone but if you want a challenge and to do something completely different then it’s one to consider. You could go on a camel trek from an overnight experience to ten days in the wilderness. You could explore some of the National Parks, go on hikes and take some spectacular photos. There’s not a tourist attraction in site, but perhaps this is the kind of break from society that you’re looking for?

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