Garages: Metal vs. Plastics vs. Wood

Monday, November 27, 2017

If you are thinking about adding a garage to your home or business, one thing you will need to consider is the material it is constructed from. The three main options you have to select from are as follows: wood, plastic, and metal. Below, we take a look at the pros and cons associated with all three to help you make your decision.


Let’s begin by taking a look at wooden sheds. This is generally the most expensive option, both in terms of the initial cost and maintenance. However, it is one of the most stylish options. Plus with the correct treatment, it can last for a long time. If you are thinking about installing a garage for non-traditional means, i.e. for personal use or an outdoor office, wood is a good selection because it can be customised easily and well insulated too. If you do go down this route, it is important to take the necessary measures to treat the wood so that it does not rot or corrode. Whether your garage is weatherproof or not will all depend on the treatment.


Out of all the options, plastic garages or sheds are the cheapest. However, as they say, you often get what you pay for, and plastic structures are known to get a bit brittle over time. Nonetheless, there are some benefits to note. Plastic garages are considered a low maintenance option, plus you do not need to worry about mould or rot. Generally, the main thing you need to think about is the initial outlay versus how long a plastic shed will cost you in the long run. Yes, you are going to spend less to begin with, but the lower lifespan can mean more money spent overall, so do keep this in mind.


Last but not least, we have metal sheds. You can check out Armstrong metal buildings for an idea regarding the style of these sheds. They are modern and extremely durable. In terms of price, they are usually mid range when compared to the former two options. Metal garages are very popular because they are less of a fire hazard and they are arguably the most secure. In terms of maintenance, you will need to give your new garage a little bit of TLC if you do go down this route. This is because rust can arise if you don’t take care of your new investment. On the other hand, though, you don’t have to worry about insect damage and your garage should last for years and years to come too.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the pros and cons associated with all three material choices. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing the right on for you. It is all about selecting a material that fits into your requirements, the style of your property, and your budget. 

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