Reverse Dryness & Get Back Your Dewy Skin

Monday, August 14, 2017

Have you suddenly noticed dry, flaky patches on your once beautiful skin? Fear not! There are ways you can reverse this dryness and get back your dewy, glowing skin. Although changes in skin type can be down to many factors and happen to us at any time, you can do the following things to help remedy it:

Avoid Hot Baths 

Hot baths tend to suck much of the moisture out of skin, so they could be the reason that your skin no longer feels soft and smooth. The occasional hot bath shouldn’t hurt, but if you’re having them a lot of the time, you should definitely cut back and see if this helps with your issue. Take cooler showers in place of hot baths and you’ll save your skin, as well as money on your water bill! 

Avoid Products Laden With Harsh Chemicals

Check out the labels on products you’re using and figure out if they could be too harsh for your skin. Using products filled with chemicals can be harmful to skin in the long term. They can be cheaper, but spending a little more makes sense for your health. You don’t want your skin to soak up dangerous chemicals every day! 

Go For Organic/Natural Skincare

Taking care of your skin with organic skincare is something you should do everyday. You can even make your own if you like! There are lots of moisturizers and face masks you can make with natural products that could work wonders. Coconut oil is an amazing thing to have in your home at all times, as it can be used for numerous things, as well as a cleanser/moisturizer for your face and body. Some people swear by it! 

Use A High Quality Razor

If you’re using a low quality razor, chances are you have many nicks and scrapes from shaving. For the smoothest, softest skin, you need to use a good razor, similar to one from It isn’t always about the razor either. By using a quality shaving cream, you can also get better results and avoid dry patches and other problems. 

Moisturize At Least Once A Day 

You should moisturize your body and face at least once a day. Using other skincare methods alongside this will enhance the results, so consider cleansing, toning, and sometimes exfoliating your skin. Using a serum can help penetrate the deeper layers of skin that may not be getting any moisture. You should moisturize after a bath or shower for body, and after cleansing for face. Usually this is upon waking and before going to bed. 

See A Dermatologist 

If all else fails, seeing a dermatologist could be an option. They will be able to take a deeper look at your skin and come up with a plan/recommend products that will work best for you. Bear in mind it’s usually better to try natural remedies than taking tablets and medication to clear up problem skin! 

Do you have any go-to tips for soft, dewy skin? Leave them below!

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