Live The Life Of The Rich And Famous With A Trip To Dubai

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A city of unparalleled luxury and unashamed playground of the rich and famous. It’s difficult to not admire Dubai, the amount of effort, planning and untold scale of architecture, building and artistic innovation it took to make the city what it is, deserves applause. It’s a gutsy ambition of many around the world to one day say that they lived like kings and queens in the city of Dubai. The hard-to-impress society had become accustomed to the world’s tallest buildings, islands shaped like palm trees and even the audacity of an indoor skiing facility. Dubai refuses to rest on its laurels, and in 2020, perhaps the grandest projects of them all will be revealed at the World Expo. All the major brands are here; you can see them elbowing each other out of the way by vying to win the favor of the wealthy with their very own activities. It’s time to learn how they live. 

Private yacht to go sightseeing

Explore the ocean by securing a private yacht tour to see Dubai’s most popular, remarkably elaborate architecture, something that’s become a welcome stereotype of the city. However, the really beautiful sights are those that have state-of-the-art design and darings wrapped in their DNA. As you cruise down the Arabian Gulf, you’ll see the building known as Burj Al Arab Jumeirah which impressively takes the shape of a sailboat. If you book a bespoke itinerary, trip with, you can choose a one or two-hour private sightseeing package at a considerable competitive price. The tour will travel a little further down the coast, where you’ll meet the The Logo Islands, which are two entirely man-made islands which look like a palm leaf. One can only wonder how much time and effort that took, and such mesmerizing landscapes can only be appreciated by yacht. 

Ferrari World

The pinnacle of Formula One has always been the team, which has donned the scarlet red color of their car; of course it’s a Ferrari. This is where the rich in the region, come to test their newly bought supercars, as the Yas Marina Circuit is but a stone’s throw away. If you don’t have such a supercar, you can feel the shocking sense of acceleration which Ferrari F1 cars possess instead. Strap yourself into Ferrari’s very own roller coaster the Formula Rossa. It’s the fastest roller coaster in the world because, in just 4.9 seconds, you’ll be flung from 0 to 240kmh. If you want to know what powers Ferrari’s road cars, take a tour of their world famous V12 engine museum where you can see the previous race engines and the current hypercar engine that’s in the La Ferrari. 

Helicopter flight

This is how the mega rich get about in Dubai, nothing but the best will do, and the best way to travel is in a helicopter. You can book a 30-minute flight over the city with the ability to secure five seats in a clear glass fuselage. Fly over the archipelagos of The World, and loop over to the Skyscrapers that punch through the clouds. Enjoy a glass of wine and tasty canapes while you admire the extravagant Burj Al-Arab Hotel in all its twinkling light.

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