How To Keep Sane When Moving Out Of Your City Apartment

Sunday, July 09, 2017

So you’ve found a gorgeous new apartment to live in. It’s closer to the subway, it's a great price, and it even has a little outdoor space you can use. But the one thing standing in your way is that you have to move out of your old one! Don't panic, you can do this without going crazy, read on to find out how. 

Dealing with stairs 

OK, so the number one bugbear for folks trying to move in an urban setting is having to lug their furniture up and down many flights of stairs. Some of which are pretty narrow. Of course, you can always use the elevator, if you can guarantee that it will actually be in service on the day you have earmarked to move. 

Or you can cut the hassle and employ a moving company like Bekins to do it for you. They can even offer long term storage if you have some items that you just can bear to part with but have no room for, in your new place. 

Getting your stuff across town 

The next ‘joy’ of moving in a city is getting your stuff across town. To do this effectively, it's worth sending you stuff off on the removal truck and then taking the subway to ensure that you get into the new apartment first. 

Also, if at all possible it’s better to avoid rush hour times such as 8-9 am and 5-6 pm. As your furniture is likely to stay stuck in traffic for much longer, then. 

Make sure too that you have a parking permit for the removal truck both at the building you are moving from and to. As getting a ticket for illegal parking is a cost that you could do without during moving time. 


Something else that many folks dread when they move out of their apartment and into a new apartment is having to clean the old one. Especially if they have the stress of getting it clean enough to get their security deposit back. 

The issue with this is that rental properties are notoriously difficult to get clean. As they have had many different people living there, and there are years of ground in dirt to deal with. Also, if you have been a resident there for a long time, there is normal dirt, grease, wear, and tear to deal with. 

To get this sorted, you can either DIY with a bucket of sugar soap and a sponge, or you can employ a professional cleaning company to come in after you have moved everything out. Just remember that if you want to do that later, you will need to move before the last day of your lease. So they can gain entry to the property while it's still in your name. 

Canceling bills 

Lastly, if you want to stay sane when moving out of your city apartment, it's essential that you cancel all of the amenities that you are paying for on the day that you leave. That includes water, electric, gas and the like. 

Otherwise, you could end up paying the new residents bills! Something you definitely don't need when you have the cost of a new apartment to furnish and pay for. 

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