Be A Travel Fashionista: Picking Perfect Holiday Dresses

Monday, July 03, 2017

Getting clothes sorted for your travels is a lot harder than it looks. After all, you need to make sure you get clothes which will keep you cool if you are traveling to hot climates. And you want clothes which will ensure you stay on fashion point. One thing people often get confused by is choosing dresses for their holiday. After all, they often end up packing dresses which are just not right for their travels. Therefore, here is some help choosing dresses which will tick the right boxes, so you are a travel Fashionista.

Opt for a light material

There’s nothing worse than standing around in the hot heat in a dress with layers. After all, you are going to end up sweating buckets after a couple of hours. And you will end up uncomfortable and pulling at the material underneath the dress. Therefore, avoid making an error with your dress by making sure you opt for a light material which will keep you cool and cozy while you are on holiday. You want something which is made from a thin cotton to keep you at a good temperature. Or you could go for a jersey material which is lightweight and stretchy, perfect for the summer months. And when it comes to evenings in hot countries, go for a silk or georgette which will both look attractive and are soft and cool to wear during your travels!

Don’t go for dark colors 

As much as you might love your LBD, it’s not going to be suitable for your travel wardrobe. For one thing, the lack of color will definitely make you blend into the background when you are on your holiday. And opting for a black or a navy can often leave you feeling the heat more during your travels. So you might end up sweating buckets during the hot weather! Therefore, to be a travel Fashionista, opt for a dress in a bright color which will be perfect for summer travels. And it will keep you cool when there are high temperatures. In fact, you might want to opt for Alfred Dunner dresses which are colorful and perfect for your holiday wardrobe. And you can then pair the dress with some cute summer sandals for walking around in the day or evening.

Do be careful with the length

You also need to make sure that you go for a dress which is a good length for your holiday. It’s easy to pick short dresses which will keep you cool for your travels. But if it’s too short, your holiday wardrobe is going to go down the fashion stakes. After all, you don’t want to show too much when it comes to your dress! Therefore, you need to make sure you opt for a dress which is a good length to keep you looking fashionable. Try it on first to see what you think of the length. And remember to then pick out some good heels to go with the dress. That way, it will do wonders for your legs when you are wearing the dress.

And remember to work on your tan. That way, you will look epic in your perfect holiday dresses.

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