Planning A Themed Party? Check Out These Guidelines First!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Love them or loathe them, themed parties are here to stay. However, whether you want to dress up as your favorite movie characters or plan a murder mystery evening, a themed party takes a while to arrange and relies upon your guests to embrace the fun and games. With this in mind, here are a few ideas you have to consider when planning your themed party - let’s take a closer look.

Choose a theme

The first part is the easiest - choosing your theme. It’s totally down to you and your interests, so consider your personality and tastes, and have a chat with your close friends. However, one thing you need to bear in mind that if you want to lay on an incredible themed party, you will need to consider other people, as well as the cost involved with the decor, invitations, and food.

Find a venue

The next step is to find a venue for your party. While things will be a lot easier if you run the party in your home and garden, too many guests could spoil the atmosphere - so you may need to find an alternative. Local sports halls or community centers are an option, and you might even be able to hire a local club or bar. Your best bet is to choose a venue that gives you a blank canvas to do what you want, so make sure you talk to the owners about decorating the place and how much you can get away with.


Invitations to a themed party need to be a little more intricate than a standard party. You need to be clear about everything, and offer some ideas on the dress code, as well as making suggestions on where people can find inspiration. For example, if you are having a Roman party, you might include instructions on how making a toga from a bed sheet, or for a murder mystery evening, you will need to include a character guide for each guest. The more info you give to people, the easier it will be to encourage them to get into the atmosphere and do their best to embrace the spirit of the party.

Choose your vendors

Once the wheels are in motion, it’s time to find the right vendors for your party. There’s a lot of choices out there, from entertainment companies to catering to consider, so narrow down your search by being as specific as you can. It might be worth hiring a party planner if you intend to invite a lot of guests - they will help reduce the stresses of getting organized and free up your time to focus on getting everything just right.

Get decorating

Bear in mind that you are only likely to have the day of your party to decorate your venue, so make sure you plan everything out properly. Sketch the venue and size everything up to ensure things like drapes will fit properly. If you intend to DIY everything, put aside some time every day and avoid doing everything at the last minute. It will make your job a lot easier, help you keep calm and composed, and ensure that everything looks perfect long before the big event.

Hope the party goes well - and feel free to let us know how it goes!

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